About us

Our story begins in 1994 with the opening of the first Meditas pharmacy in Podgorica. Despite its humble beginnings, our company today includes a chain of 14 pharmacies, a wholesale drugstore with offices in Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and a cosmetic center. Established as a family-owned company, we have always strived for the transfer of family values ​​to our job and, accordingly, we carefully selected new members of our community. With that in mind, our team now has more than 90 professional, kind and friendly people who are ready, at any moment, to meet you, our clients and partners, in a cultural and professional manner. We also approach the selection of products found in our pharmacies and wholesale very thoroughly and carefully, and in addition, we pay special attention to the variety and scope of our range of products. With that in mind, at Meditas Pharmacies you can find all the products needed for the care of the health and beauty of you and your little ones. Also, our wholesale range of products consists of more than 40 brands of world manufacturers in the category of medical, natural, decorative and professional cosmetics, cosmetics for children and babies, medical products, dietary supplements, oral health care products, medical devices, anatomical footwear, perfumes. etc.


We enhance the quality of life of members of our community, making body, mind and spirit more powerful and healthy for everyone who puts their trust in us. Thanks to a business culture built on the foundations of a long tradition, experience and long-standing and solid partnerships with trusted global companies, we make health care safer and affordable.


We strive to create the healthier community we serve, bringing people together with carefully selected products and trusted professionals, inspiring proper and safe care for the health and well-being of the organism.


Dedicated to our clients – We treat others the way we would like to be treated.
Reliability – Dependable partners to our associates.
Integrity – We stand behind our actions.
Team work – Together, we aim for success.
Progress – We strive for constant growth and improvement.